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The Hidden Tax

I can’t get used to “the hidden tax” in the United States. Personally, I like my prices right out there where I can see them.

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So, where’s the trick? In the US there’s no such thing as the VAT 1 and the prices you see in stores aren’t the final prices. Instead, the sales tax is added at the check-out, so the final amount is slightly higher than what you had anticipated. Your foreign self might wonder whether you are mathematically challenged or the victim of a grocery scam. Quite the financial clusterf**k.

The Identity Diversity

It’s no secret that all big cities are culturally vibrant but when it comes to multiculturalism, NYC is second to none. Although Chinatown, Little Italy and el Barrio are the known touristy landmarks regarding diversity; there’s a myriad of hidden streets where the city as one knows it stops being itself. English ceases to be heard or seen and one suddenly feels teleported to a different reality. A tip, you ask? Astoria is a good place to start your cross-cultural quest.

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