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The Adventurer’s Map for Spanish Learners

English had its Great Vowel Shift and left us trembling with its devious phonology, Finnish has given us headaches for ages with its many cases, German wanted to drive us insane with its convoluted syntax and trennbare Verben… but we avenged ourselves by creating the subjunctive mood in order to mess around with Spanish learners. ¡No hay problema! We’ve got you covered with The Adventurer’s Map for Spanish Learners.

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I want to read the Spanish version of this wonderful map!


Cross-cultural Spontaneity

Every Spaniard knows those Friday afternoons in which you spontaneously decide to grab a beer at the bar around the corner, and somehow you end up in a massive party of a friend who knows a friend who knows a friend, and it turns into one of those legendary evenings to remember. That could hardly happen in Germany, unless you are hanging out with Southern Europeans. Don’t get me wrong, Germans make the best coworkers one could have, but when it comes to social life… well. Germans are as spontaneous as a train timetable. Without further ado, let’s take a look at cross-cultural spontaneity.

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