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The Hatched Easter Egg

I never understood the logic behind this somewhat conspicuous bunny hiding eggs all over the place. Where does it get all the eggs? Does it run a chicken farm? And what kind of surreal food does it feed them, so that they lay colorful chocolate eggs?!
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Mischievous Fauna

Somewhere in a Spanish-speaking rainforest, the mischievous fauna spends the day messing around with personal pronouns.

Expat Gone Foreign, Language comics, Linguistics, Spanish, Español, Foreign Language Learning, Tucan

Fun fact: the name of this bird comes from the Tupi word “tukana”, an extinct Tupian language that was spoken by the native Tupi people of Brazil. It made its way into many languages through the Portuguese “tucano”.

Would you like to find out more about the Spanish pronouns? Check out the Linguiputians’ masterpiece: Tú, usted, vosotros!