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Land of painfully slow Internet

It is said that if you want to know how people really are, you should give them a computer with a glacially slow internet connection. When it comes to patience, Germans must be second to none. The economic powerhouse of Europe and home of the warp-speed Autobahn also happens to be the land of painfully slow internet.

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As of February 2020, Germany ranks 39th on broadband speed in a global scale, and is painfully below the European average. The situation is even more staggering for mobile data. According to the BNetzA report from 2017, only 1.6% of users were getting the speed promised by their providers, and only 18% reached half the speed contractually agreed upon.

While the world frantically switches to 5G technology, here I am, staring at the screen while this post is finally uploaded. I guess I could brew some tea in the meantime, maybe pay a visit to my family… even pick a new career, get a degree, found a business, retire and move to Singapore. You know, whatever happens first.

Farewell, Disunited Kingdom

January 31st. The Union Jack flag is removed from the European Parliament in Brussels. Disappointed Remainers wave goodbye to the European Union, while Brexiteers cheerfully chant words of freedom, sovereignty and independence. I find this political carol somewhat paradoxical, coming from the country that has ruled and administered over 60 territories throughout the course of history. Anyhow, enjoy your newfound freedom – and see you soon, Scotland.Expat Gone Foreign, Brexit, culture comics, Europe, United Kingdom, Disunited, Freedom