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Mind’s Eye: Heavy Plant Crossing

No, this sign doesn’t involve mutant plants on the run – although polysemicly speaking it could. In the UK the sign “heavy plant crossing” is used at construction sites such as road works where there’s large machinery and vehicles crossing that part of the road. Expat Gone Foreign, tXc, heavy plant crossing, mind's eye, Newcastle
Also, “mind’s eye” is the cognitive ability to visualize i.e. experience visual mental imagery. It’s similar to the German “Kopfkino”, which literally translates as ‘head cinema’ and is used when one involuntarily pictures things or a situation in graphic detail.   : ]

Ca-razy Nights

Phraseology 101: ‘to paint the town red’ means to go out, drink and celebrate, to engage in a riotous spree. The expression refers to the kind of reckless behavior that results in blood being spilt.

There are several suggestions as to the origin of this idiom: one of them goes back to Marquis of Waterford, a notorious hooligan, who ran riot in the Leicestershire town of Melton Mowbray in 1837, painting the town’s toll bar and several buildings red.

So… is there any similar idiom in your native language to convey this idea?

(ft. Ray)
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