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Fastest Things on Earth

Germans are linearly challenged. For a highly efficient and well-organized society, one would think that getting your groceries would be a rather methodical and uneventful task. However, rules seem to fly out the window when it comes to following a straight line.

Whether you are trying to board a train or waiting at the checkout register in a store, Germans will wobble around, squeeze their way in, and often cut in front of each other. And beware of additional registers opening! The checkout area will promptly turn into a slaughtering sprint arena where manners and order of arrival cease to have any meaning.

Why, you ask? Who the hell knows. It’s an organizational anomaly, and a rather excruciatingly obnoxious one.

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The Brain on Multilingualism

This is the brain on multilingualism. We try to keep all our languages going, and the more we practice, the more they wrestle for space. The eternal question: how can we keep our languages in good shape while welcoming new ones? Should we just sit back and enjoy the learning process, while being cognizant of our neuroplasticity?

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