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Raw Animal Phraseology

If something isn’t good to begin with, there’s not much one can do to improve it.

Literal translations – Dutch: A monkey may wear a gold ring, but it stays an ugly thing. | Spanish: The money may dress in silk, but it stays a monkey. | German: One can’t cut a diamond out of a pebble. | Irish: Dress a goat in silk, but it still remains a goat. | Romanian: One can’t make a whip out of shit. | Russian: One can’t make candy out of shit. | Finnish: Many cakes may look beautiful on the outside, but be shitty in the inside. | French: One cannot make a race-horse from a donkey. | Turkish: You may put a golden packsaddle on a donkey, but the donkey is always a donkey.

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Busy as a bee!

Exciting news! I have embarked on a few new projects: turning my PhD thesis into an accessible manual on phraseology learning, volunteering teaching German to other expats and helping them with the acculturation process, planning some workshops for language instructors and also dealing with a bunch of bureaucracy regarding dual citizenship. All that while carrying on my regular job and being my wonderful self. All that to say that I might not be able to commit to my weekly Sunday strip, but I’ll definitely do my best!

And last but not least, I want to thank everyone for being there every week, engaging with the content and sharing experiences. I still can’t for the life of me grasp how EGF went beyond my circle of family members and expat friends, and I’m so glad it has allowed me to meet so many amazing people worldwide. So this time I’m giving you all a huge thumbs up!

Fun fact: If bees earned minimum wage, a jar of honey would cost $182,000.

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The Adventurer’s Map for Spanish Learners

English had its Great Vowel Shift and left us trembling with its devious phonology, Finnish has given us headaches for ages with its many cases, German wanted to drive us insane with its convoluted syntax and trennbare Verben… but we avenged ourselves by creating the subjunctive mood in order to mess around with Spanish learners. ¡No hay problema! We’ve got you covered with The Adventurer’s Map for Spanish Learners.

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I want to read the Spanish version of this wonderful map!