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Learning Japanese

In an attempt to satisfy my linguistic curiosity, I picked up learning Japanese again. The journey begins by brushing up the hiragana syllabary, and it has already given my Western brain a bit of trouble.


  1. James Blakeney

    I can relate. I’d been slowly studying Japanese for 4 years. Slowly because I’m deaf and those audio tapes doesn’t do a thing for me. See I watched Naruto and wanted to see what those Japanese words I see in the show.

  2. Lissa Clouser

    My struggle is kanji. Hiragana came to me fairly naturally. It feels comfortable. But I think I need to try learning kanji the way kids learn it in Japanese elementary. Here I was just taught random words as far as what was useful in the textbook. I never learned the different pieces that make up most of the kanji. I think if I could go that route I’d do better with it.

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