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Summer in Northern Europe

The only certainty about summer in Northern Europe: you shall never leave the house without an umbrella.

Expat Gone Foreign, Life abroad, Germany, weather, summer, rain, storm


  1. Benjamin

    I honestly enjoy reading your comics. It seems like you keep your comics kid-friendly. So, when I saw the “M” feature on the top left corner of the websites, I thought it stood for mature. I kinda thought it would lead to like NSFW content or something. Either way, it apparently leads to mailmunch. Why?

    • Expat Gone Foreign

      Hi, Benjamin! Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you like the comics!

      I use the Mailmunch plugin to organize the newsletter. I don’t think I had ever noticed the M on the corner, but it’s good to know that it may lead to confusion, so I’ll look into fixing that. As you can see, the content here is mostly kid-friendly but aimed at adult readers.

      Take care and see you around! :)

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