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Imperial vs. Metric System

This is what happens every time we plan a road trip, build furniture, shop for beverages and basically perform any activity that involves measurements.Expat Gone Foreign, tXc, Imperial, Metric System, miles to feet, foreign culture comics

Don’t get me started on navigating floors in large buildings


      • Frank Harr

        Oh. I hadn’t noticed the reply. Sorry about that.

        Way back in the inky depths of time, the English measured with two different feel. A Roman foot that was shorter and used for andcrafts and a longer Saxon foot for land survey. Eventually, they decided that they wanted just one, English foot to be midway between the two.

        Because land survey is so important they pegged the English foot to the Saxon and kept all the other units the same size.

        When they decided that an English foot was going to be 10/11 of a Saxon foot, that meant to find out how may English feet was in a particular unit, they took the number of Saxon feet in that unit and multiplied by 1.1. That is, 10% is added.

        So, the rod was 15 Saxon feet. Plus 10% means that it is also 16.5 English feet because 15+ 1.5= 16.5.

        The furlong was 600 Saxon feet and so is also 660 English feet.

        The mile was 4800 feet. When you add 480 feet you get 5,280 English (now international) feet.

        See? Cute.

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