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Migrant Stories: Reclaiming Home

A few months ago I had the pleasure of meeting an inspiring woman who shared with me her migrant story. A story of strength, resilience and kindness that the world really needs to hear. Pay ears!

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Do you have an inspiring story that the world needs to hear? Get in touch!
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  1. Marianne @ Let's Read

    Great way of sharing the story. We all need to hear it again and again. I’m German and I’m sorry there are still many people out there who think like that. I have experienced hostility in other countries for being German, being judged for something you didn’t do is awful.

    • V

      Hi, Marianne. Thanks for stopping by. It is indeed a big issue, and one can only hope that the situation changes little by little, by talking about it, exchanging experiences and enriching each other. We are all together in this fight!

      • Marianne @ Let's Read

        One can only hope that one day these racists will “die out”. But, same as I have tried (and succeeded) to instill anti-racism into my children, racists pass on their views. Education is the key. You’re doing a great job with your page.

        • Expat Gone Foreign

          I’ve always thought that these attitudes will fade out, but looking at the sociopolitical development of my birth country in the past years, I’m honestly not so sure. The older generations keep passing on their bigotry to the new ones. That’s were we fight back with open dialogues and kindness.

          Thank you for your words. ?

          • Marianne @ Let's Read

            Unfortunately, they do. I don’t know where you’re from but I doubt it matters, it’s a global problem. I had to experience my kids being called Nazis by other kids. They probably didn’t even know (then) what that means but it’s not a good way to raise your children.

  2. Andrea Caltroni

    You’re beautiful in and out! Eventually racists will get extinct, it will just take some time, unfortunately. They’re not adapted for evolution, just a by-product of ignorance and fear of their own shortcomings. Be well and a hug from Stuttgart :-)

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