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Here are three fun facts about me: I love languages 1, I enjoy drawing 2, and I’m a hardcore environmentalist. I bet you weren’t expecting that last one.

One of the issues that concerns me the most is the ingrained car culture. A few months ago, I saw this genius message hanging from a balcony while I walked around the city center, and ever since I’ve been meaning to come up with a design in EGF style in order to spread the word and raise awareness. Why? Because this madness needs to stop. Take it from someone who has never owned a private vehicle: life without them is not only possible but also environmentally friendlier, cheaper, healthier, and much less stressful.

Let me introduce you to my one and only Meili (my bicycle), carrying the new colorful statement:

Expat Gone Foreign, You are not stuck in traffic, Ride a bicycle, environment comics

Are you also sick and tired of traffic? Download the printable artwork for free and hang it wherever you please: your bicycle, balconies, windows, windshields… the sky is the limit!

pdf document (A4 format)
humongous jpeg image

Let me see the final result by uploading your pictures to social media with the hashtag #cycleintothefuture.

Expat Gone Foreign, environment comics, graphic statements, climate change awareness, cycling

Every little step goes a long way. Start cycling into a world you like.

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