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A Matter of Priorities

“I wish I could travel as much as you do!” – I get that a lot. Well, you can too! It’s just a matter of priorities – alright, and a bit of saving arrangements here and there.  : ]Expat Gone Foreign, Travel comics, Love traveling, MagicYes, mom. I’m buying decent quality food and eating healthy.  : 9


  1. Sheila Morris

    Ha ha! Yes, it’s true, every country’s cuisine is misinterpreted by other countries! I come from the US, and let me tell you, McDonald’s does not represent the true hamburger. This is in a way even worse, because we export this horror OURSELVES!! But then it’s hard to change people’s minds. I was in Sweden once for the 4th of July (USA National Day), and offered to make a traditional holiday meal, hamburgers on their grill. They told me it wasn’t possible to make hamburgers on a grill. ??? “Well, the ground meat will fall through!” No, really, it won’t, we do this all the time. And then I thought I’d do potato salad….”Potato salad? With hamburgers??? It should be French fries!” Well….those you CAN’T make on the grill. And whose picnic traditions are we talking about, anyway? Anyway, the meal was a huge success, and at least one family now knows what a real hamburger should be like. And then there was the “American Grocery Store” full of products I’d never seen/heard of…..

  2. R

    It’s not always the case that people are making questionable money choices. At my former job, one employee’s complaint was that he or she could not make ends meet on the current pay. There certainly was not enough money for travel.
    Despite claims of multicultural understanding, Europeans still don’t seem to realize how exceptional their situation is. In most places, like the Americas or Africa, traveling to somewhere highly different means a long travel time (a day each way for Europe) and thus high expenses. For me to fly to Germany cost 750 USD. Sometimes you come across as a bit of an elitist in these comics. I like to travel, but it is not a necessity to be a globe-trotter.

    • tXc

      Hi there! Thanks for stopping by.

      I have spent most of my live in Europe and I can assure you that – unless you are rich – traveling requires sacrifices and choices for us. Germany and Scandinavia might have it better, but that’s not the case in many other European countries, where people certainly have trouble making ends meet.

      It costs me around 500€ to fly from Germany to NY every year, add an additional 100-200€ if I head to the West Coast. Bear in mind that the euro is bigger than the dollar, so we are even. Also, take the standard of living into consideration. An average German salary would be consider insufficient to live in the US, which means having to make smart choices and sacrifices if I want to spend a few weeks in North America, before and during the trip.

      The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines “elitist” as someone “whose attitudes and beliefs are biased in favor of a socially elite class of people”. This strip – in case you missed the point – depicts the completely opposite idea: that everyone can travel (locally or internationally) as long as you make choices and are willing to compromise along the way.

      For example, helping out with chores in hostels and farms is a great way of having free accommodation. Hitch-hiking, biking and getting free rides with intercity services drastically cuts down your transportation expenses. Of course, if your idea of traveling consist of spending a week at a 5-start beach resort in which everything is laid out for you, well, then you’d better have the money to do so.

      Again, it’s all a matter of priorities. But hey, judging is easier, right?

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