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A Matter of Priorities

“I wish I could travel as much as you do!” – I get that a lot. Well, you can too! It’s just a matter of priorities – alright, and a bit of saving arrangements here and there.  : ]Expat Gone Foreign, Travel comics, Love traveling, MagicYes, mom. I’m buying decent quality food and eating healthy.  : 9

1 thought on “A Matter of Priorities

  1. Sheila Morris

    Ha ha! Yes, it’s true, every country’s cuisine is misinterpreted by other countries! I come from the US, and let me tell you, McDonald’s does not represent the true hamburger. This is in a way even worse, because we export this horror OURSELVES!! But then it’s hard to change people’s minds. I was in Sweden once for the 4th of July (USA National Day), and offered to make a traditional holiday meal, hamburgers on their grill. They told me it wasn’t possible to make hamburgers on a grill. ??? “Well, the ground meat will fall through!” No, really, it won’t, we do this all the time. And then I thought I’d do potato salad….”Potato salad? With hamburgers??? It should be French fries!” Well….those you CAN’T make on the grill. And whose picnic traditions are we talking about, anyway? Anyway, the meal was a huge success, and at least one family now knows what a real hamburger should be like. And then there was the “American Grocery Store” full of products I’d never seen/heard of…..

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