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* Eurovision Special *

Most Americans have never heard of Eurovision, and those who have, think of it as some sort of gay Super Bowl. I understand why this event might be puzzling for the American folks, but WE love it – of course we do, it has the word “euro” in it.
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My American sweetie pie witnessed his first Eurovision Song Contest back in 2016. He was skeptical at first, but halfway through the show he gave in. Pretty much like most things in Europe, the event just sucks you in. And it’s easy to see why it is such a blast:

~ The sense of togetherness

Historically speaking, Europeans haven’t always been nice to each other. However, at least once a year we put aside our differences and celebrate our kinship through music, our common language.

~ The vibrant mixture of cultures, languages and traditions

Despite the fact that Eurovision performances have become more and more mainstream and most artists choose English for their lyrics, deep down each song displays the identity of its country. Like attending a party, everyone brings a different flavor to the table, and the result is a very colorful portrait of one big European family.

~ The historical value

The first Eurovision Song Contest was hosted in Switzerland in 1956, which makes the show an event with a long-standing tradition. It’s genuinely interesting to watch former editions and see how music and values have evolved over the decades.

~ The authenticity

Whether you are a conventional, professional musician or use a watering can as a trumpet; whether you pull off a traditional opera show or a seizure-inducing pyrotechnic spectacle, no one is going to judge your craziness. Sing, dance, bounce around, just get on stage and have fun doing whatever it is that makes you happy. Zero fucks given, just be yourself!

Not convinced yet? Try it yourself! Happy Eurovision! : )


    • tXc

      Hey, Marianne! Thanks for stopping by. Denmark was my favorite too, I’m actually surprised they got that many points, considering their music style. :)

  1. Marianne

    Thanks, no problem, I love Eurovision, have loved it all my life, so I’m always happy to comment on that topic.

    Having said that, I always enjoy your posts, especially since I am an expat myself. Unfortunately, I never saw your reply until today. Most websites send a message when their is an answer but I have no idea how to enable that on this one.

    • tXc

      Hi, Marianne!

      I definitely have to look into how the responses work, since I just saw your reply. I’m so sorry! In the meantime, the best way to contact me is Facebook or Twitter.

      Thanks for your kind words, I’m really glad to know that you enjoy the comic strips! :D

      See you around. :)

  2. Frank Harr

    Also, there’s always a Eurovision-themed strip at Scandinavia and hte World. That’s usually weird and interesting.

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