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The Gender Bender

Expat Gone Foreign, tXc, the gender bender, genders and articles in German language


  1. J

    Proto-Indo-European, Ancient Greek, Sanskrit, and Slavic languages have three genders. It’s French and German who are weirdos for losing morphologically-based gender. And gender just means KIND, it’s not sex. Gender in grammar is just another system of noun phrase concord.

  2. tXc

    Yep, natural sex doesn’t always correlate with grammatical sex, as previously stated. Although present in many languages, it’s a source of confusion for English natives when they attempt to learn other languages with genders.

  3. Frank Harr

    It’s the Romance languages that are weird. Latin has a neuter.

    I don’t know what if any Celtic languages had a neuter.

    I was in German class and said “Der” something or other. The teacher then immediately launched in to a concice but wonderfully complete explanation of how you use the German four case system. At the end she asked if I had any questions. I asked ,,So das Wort [whatever it was] ist nicht Weiblich?”.

    She took a beat and simply moved on.

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