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Month: March 2016

Raw Animal Phraseology

If something isn’t good to begin with, there’s not much one can do to improve it.

Literal translations – Dutch: A monkey may wear a gold ring, but it stays an ugly thing. | Spanish: The money may dress in silk, but it stays a monkey. | German: One can’t cut a diamond out of a pebble. | Irish: Dress a goat in silk, but it still remains a goat. | Romanian: One can’t make a whip out of shit. | Russian: One can’t make candy out of shit. | Finnish: Many cakes may look beautiful on the outside, but be shitty in the inside. | French: One cannot make a race-horse from a donkey. | Turkish: You may put a golden packsaddle on a donkey, but the donkey is always a donkey.

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The Nationality Irrationality

No one chooses their birthplace, yet it determines the opportunities that are presented to us throughout our lifetime. We all strive for a better life, but some encounter many more obstacles than others on the grounds of nationality and appearance. Remember that we are all foreigners somewhere.

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