18 Jun

The Brain Strain

We have all been there: you put all the lexical chunks together, check the sentence word order, repeat it a thousand times in your head until it’s foolproof and in the moment of truth, ugh…

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04 Jun

The Weißwurstäquator

A new fun word I learnt this week! The Weißwurstäquator refers to the supposed cultural divide separating Southern Germany from the rest of the country. I believe it’s named after the white sausage, which is traditional in Bavaria, along with its lovely castles, medieval towns and tasty food. Road trip time, gell?

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09 Apr

The Culinary Combination Aberration

Germany is certainly second to none when it comes to creative mixtures of flavours in drinks, yogurts and other assorted beverages. The same folks that brought you Spezi (Coke and Fanta), the Erdbeerbier (strawberry beer) and orange chili chocolate, went the extra mile to enhance their flavour palette with their transculinary dairy products. This week I spotted tzatziki pistachio ice cream in the neighbourhood. But don’t panic just yet. If the ice cream fusion blowout is too much for your taste buds to handle, you can always wash it down one of Germany’s favourite sodas: the currywurst coke. In the meantime, I’ll continue my quest for coconut yogurt – my favourite -, yet devoid of bananas, pineapple, artichokes or Kartoffelsalat.

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