About the comic series

Expat Gone Foreign is a comic series about a linguist settling abroad; a graphic journey through culture clashes, social awkwardness, language-related phenomena and life itself.

It began as a humorous graphic diary to keep my family and friends up-to-date on my happenstances across the continent: linguistic misunderstandings, cultural discoveries and the rigors of everyday life. In a short time and for reasons that still escape my mind, a bunch of people all over the Internet had joined the melee.

About tXc a.k.a. Dr. Karen V.

Expat Gone Foreign, tXc, Travel and language comic, linguistExpat. Linguist. Skeptic. Part-time language teacher and part-time researcher trying to make sense of a world that is becoming more and more foreign..

Questions? Suggestions? Anything you would like to say? Reach me at txc@expatgoneforeign.com or leave me a message on facebook!  : )