09 Jul

G20 – The Aftermath

There’s no place for a fun doodle today, for I feel irate and disgusted by the recent events resulting from the G20 summit held in Hamburg this weekend.

I feel disgusted by the media and major broadcasting platforms for their misleading news, I feel disgusted by the Black Bloc criminals for using the G20 as an excuse to terrorize the city, destroying private property, looting shops and turning the city into a war-like nightmare; making the numerous peaceful protests go unnoticed. I feel disgusted by the big chunk of the population blaming the riots on foreigners. I feel disgusted by the way the police handled the situation – albeit following orders – for making the city safe for politicians and ignoring the safety of the real citizens. I feel utterly disgusted by the German administration for hosting such an event in the inner city of a major city, especially in a city that has a long-standing reputation for radical left-wing activists. And last but not least, I feel disgusted by the irony of wasting insane amounts of money on security vehicles and private jets so that the big wigs can enjoy a luxurious weekend discussing climate change and terrorism while our city is in flames.


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